Why is Grief so Lonely?

It is often true that people rally around a grieving person.

There are probably rare times when a person is so the center of attention as at the memorial service of a loved one.

Yet, neither the well-meaning crowd nor the intimate friend can soften the blows of grief that threaten to rob the grieving one of breath itself.

For me, the pain of grief is all wrapped up in the inability of anyone to resonate with the core of my loss. I have no way of articulating what I am missing. No one has ever had the relationship that I am grieving. I don’t have any words to describe it.

Yes, of course, others, probably all others, have suffered grief. And there are commonalities. In fact, so much so, that stages of grief have been identified and books have been written.

But only the one who has suffered to the point of welcoming death will have the courage to acknowledge the loneliness of grief.

“I am hurting. I don’t have anyway of taking you in to the depths of my pain. Therefore, I am alone in it”.

But don’t leave me. Even though you are not the comfort I cry for, I want you to stay.

Because you are standing I see a glimmer of hope. Your life was trampled and yet…

“Stand in the gap for me…I want to trust that I don’t grieve as those who have no hope… I want to hope for the hope that I cannot grasp.

Worship in my presence and let me see you encounter His Presence. Raise one hand high and with the other hold mine.

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