Loving the Invisible Ones

A friend just posted a question on Face book, in words more eloquent than mine, asking for help in understanding why the world is standing united in response to 17 people killed in Paris and virtually ignoring the 2000 who were killed in Nigeria. This question is of deep interest to me because it has bothered me all week.

I am encouraged by our response to the Paris attack. I am glad that we care. But I don’t understand why we care so passionately about some people and seemingly not at all about others.

Or have we become accustomed to tragedy in some parts of the world? Is it not news because it is ongoing?

This enigma is not only true on a global level.

Regarding those who suffer in our midst, we express great concern when someone prominent encounters physical suffering. We are grieved if this person has pain for two days.

Yet, we are able to ignore the friend who has had pain for years. Once suffering becomes the consistent status of a person the phone calls and visits stop. We don’t like to encounter problems we can’t solve or questions we can’t answer.

With faith through aging eyes let’s ask Jesus to give us His perspective on the events described above.

Where would He send the Media?

Who would He visit?

With faith through aging eyes may we care about what Jesus cares about and go where He would go.

Maybe my love can give identity to someone who feels unknown today.

Maybe I start with asking God to let me see with His eyes.

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