No Return Address

I wonder why some of the burdens that I so genuinely send to God are returned to me. I open the package and am dismayed that the thing I sent has come back to me in the same condition in which it was sent.

I know there are some websites that invite shopping risks by making returns easy. A return label is included with the shipping. This label can simply be printed and pasted on the original box. There is no charge for the return.

When I “cast my cares on Him” do I include a return label just in case He doesn’t meet my expectations?

Am I sending Him a conditional “trust”?

Does He know that I have gone through the motions but not really let go?

Tonight I want to send Him the burdens of my heart in a package without a return address.

Of course, I know, this is for my benefit and not His. He knows who sent the package and what is in it. But, I need to send it without the option of tracking it.

I don’t want to create a tracking number.

I don’t want to keep checking with God to see how He is doing with my concern.

I am sending it to Him and trusting Him with it.

I am not writing a return address on my package.

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