Let the Mystery Live

There is something unexplainable about a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

As a young child I would exhaust my mother with questions. She would gently say, “Honey, it is better not to ask those questions”.

I didn’t appreciate her answer. I expected her to be able to answer my questions.

As I grew older I sort of “forgave” my mother for not having the academic background to satisfy my theological curiosity.

Now, with “faith through aging eyes” I am beginning to agree with my mother. I stand with respect rather than condescension.

I don’t mean here that we have no answers for anything. Jesus clearly told us that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.

My concern lies with the absolute answers we cling to that are driving division in the body of Christ.

I have wondered if I were to hypothetically appear on planet earth from another planet, would I take a serious look at Christianity? I wonder if I would not quickly dismiss it as a faith where the adherents are not able to stand together with each other.

I am not advocating any compromise of truth. I am simply wondering if our insatiable quest for getting it right through endless explaining is actually getting it wrong.

Maybe it’s better not to ask those questions. Maybe we simply need to let the mystery live.

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