Crushing Disappointment

The inside story of how one person expressed thanksgiving with faith through aging eyes.

In planning for this holiday, this friend decided to reject the anticipated disappointment that has been the trend on Holidays and trust that this one will be different. In heart felt prayer she put feet on her faith and named things that are not as though they were.

Yet, when the dreaded phone call came, that cancelled her family plans, leaving her alone, the trend of crushing disappointment was again the story line. The tangible distance between faith in what God has promised and the experience of today stretches across a formidable abyss.

This friend knew all the theological postures that are wrapped in a fragile cloth called comfort. She had worshipped on this Thanksgiving morning and sang; “Sing like never before, O my soul…let me be singing when the evening comes”.

She had heard the preacher say, “God never, never, never fails”. And she believed it.

But now, evening was coming in her heart. Where is her song? Where is the God who never fails?

These questions are expected in the early stages of the Christian life. But today they are delivering anguish to one with faith through aging eyes.

For this day to be survived a decision needs to be made, by this friend, on the following:

There is a God or there isn’t one.

God is good or He is not.

God can be trusted or He cannot.

We see the whole picture or we do not.

The enemy has been defeated or he has not.

Jesus is Victor or He is not.

By choosing faith responses to these challenges, this friend has determined and

decided that this Thanksgiving holiday is, indeed, a day of crushing disappointment

for our enemy!

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