Because I Know You

Hearing loss opens the way for uninvited emotions to charge what begins as a straightforward comment.

My default response when my husband does not hear what I have said is to repeat the same comment in a louder tone.

The third repetition could easily be interpreted as an angry statement. By now I am shouting and articulating my words in a way that courts sarcasm.

Yesterday I stopped myself and said, “ When I repeat something that you don’t hear the first time, my repeated statement sounds like I am mad. How do you talk loud without sounding mad?”

My husband said, “It is the responsibility of the receiver to decide if the person talking is mad. I know you are not mad”

I asked, “How do you know I am not mad?”

His answer humbled me, “Because I know you”.

This response of pure grace did not take advantage of reminding me of how I could have done it better. I know that thee are better ways of making my words understood than raising the volume. These include not talking while I am walking away or in another room, standing face to face so lip reading can be an asset, turning down distracting noises and finding different words that convey the intended meaning.

But grace did not remind me of what I was doing wrong. Grace simply reminded me that I am safe because I am known.

I wonder if I extend this grace to God when I don’t understand what He is saying to me?

Am I able to rest in ambiguity because I know Him?

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2 Responses to Because I Know You

  1. Laurel Matchie says:

    This post especially blessed me. 1) because it gave practical hints re how to talk to people who are hard of hearing of which I am becoming one. I don’t often think outside of the box and have been raising my voice. 2) because my family and many friends know me. That is a huge huge blessing which is taken for granted until one moves overseas as I did. The other m’s are wonderful people – but they do NOT know me. So when what comes out of my mouth could be interpreted in several ways, in certain groups I have felt it rarely has been interpreted in the way that people who know me would interpret! (sometimes that is good, and sometimes that is not! lol) 3) because my Father knows me. I can let what others think go, and I am so very very thankful that He “gets it” – He “gets me”. He gives us such GREAT GIFTS all the time!

  2. rstaples2013 says:

    Thank you, Laurel, for these thoughts. I appreciate your reflections and your applications. It can be risky to let ourselves be known but the benefits are great. And yes, we are known by God, which is such a gift when we really grasp it.

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