That’s Your Answer

I have a friendship that I deeply cherish even though we only connect once every two years and then for just a few hours. Yet, that brief time consistently both nurtures my soul and empowers me to travel light.

 We both agree that out times together must be a God encounter. One of the reasons we know this is that each of us feel as though we are the needy one coming to the other for help.

 We had a precious morning together this week.

 I told him how disappointed I was in an area of my life where I acknowledge the call of God, respond with obedience, and embrace His promises but still battle terror.

 His response initially appeared to be one where he hadn’t even heard me. He started telling me a story that didn’t seem to have any connection to my struggle.

 This story was his memory of being drafted by the army to go to Viet Nam. The prospect was one for which he was not physically, emotionally or spiritually prepared. He just couldn’t fathom being in that environment and potentially using a weapon.

 Desperate, he sought help from his pastor. After hearing all the reasons that this assignment was totally impossible the pastor asked, “If God asked you to go to Viet Nam and die would you go?” My friend tried to reason with his pastor but the question remained the same.

 Finally, this friend said, “Yes”.

 “Well then,” the pastor replied, “That’s your answer”.

 And like a motion sensitive floodlight penetrating the darkness, I knew this was my answer, too.



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