Bucket List Launch


Today I checked off an item from my “in process” bucket list.

I had a pedicure.

This may not seem like an adventure but you need to understand that I have lived for 71 years without one.

As I walked into the shop, my first impression brought back memories of what I thought was a life threatening experience in China. I quickly let my mind take control of my emotions and reminded myself that this was not going to be dangerous. (After being released by Chinese Police I met friends at a foot massage spot at 1 AM)



Today, I relaxed in a recliner while my attendant paid more attention to my toenails than they have ever had. After a sequence of lotions, sprays, and instruments that looked like dental tools, I chose to enjoy this experience. Much like the dentist, it looks like it is going to hurt but it doesn’t



The next step was to take something that looked to me like a tool to shred cabbage and vigorously rub it over the bottom and sides of my feet. Thankfully, my feet did not shred. They are softer now, so something good must have happened.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but after the pedicure was complete I moved to the manicure table. After a few sprays and dabs, an instrument that looked like a mini version of what my Dad used to sharpen lawn mower blades, removed the surface of my fingernails. The operator wore a mask but I didn’t get one.

This was followed by a series of applications of clear and colored polish. After each, I was directed to put my hand in a slot that looked like a microwave. It must be appearance only as my hands did not cook.

Throughout this hour and a half experience of being pampered and treated like royalty, I wondered why I have been so blessed.

Another reminder of an average day for the Daughter of the King.








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