Don’t Look at Your Feet

I have been ”over thinking” for a couple of days.

 I have some decisions to make, some plans to present and some options to consider.

 It’s hard to maintain eye contact with Jesus when you are distracted by that which you are stumbling over.

 I am reminded of a time when I was a guest at a wedding reception. The father of the bride was a ballroom dance instructor. His performance on the dance floor was stunning. All eyes were on him as he and his new bride daughter floated across the dance floor.

 Later in the evening the magic moment occurred. This father came up to me and asked me to dance.

 Honored, I walked with him to the dance floor. As the music started my eyes immediately fell to my feet. At the same moment I felt the palm of my partner’s hand lifting my chin. His words, “Nobody looks at their feet when they dance with me. It’s my job to make you look good.”

 His strong hand on my back and his confidence made me both look and feel like a dancer. My strongest memory is”this is fun.”

 I wonder if Jesus is wanting to lift my chin today. I wonder if He wants to posture my face in such a way that my eyes will focus on Him.

 He is fully aware of that which I am prone to stumble over. He’s attentive to it but not concerned.

 I think He wants me to hear Him saying, “Don’t look at your feet when you’re dancing with Me”

 Maybe this sign in our kitchen is a new definition of grace:








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    Inspirational post on this Sunday from Silverstrands. Check out this blog.

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