Footsteps in the Sea

Faith through aging eyes encounters God when He plants His footsteps in the sea.

We have precious memoires of being able to track the God we love and trust. We are eager to tell of the times when His interventions in our life are so profound that we are invited to share them from the platform.

But none of us are strangers to the stories that don’t tell themselves so easily. The times when, even though we refuse to let our faith crack, doubt pounds relentlessly.

The God we have learned to track in soft wet sand now plants His footprints in the sea.

Often, we can still track Him in many areas of our life, but there is one that simply won’t identify itself as a picture of God’s care.

If we dare to name it, we would say we feel abandoned.

We know how to preach to ourselves. We know how to claim promises. We are tempted to hide our pain because we don’t want to be a discouragement to those whose lives are overflowing with praise.

Maybe we learn something from Jesus’ journey to Gethsemane.

He told most of his disciples to wait while He separated Himself from them.

He brought three trusted friends with Him and poured out His heart to them.

He then went alone to the Father and there encountered the One Who gave Him the power to walk to the cross.

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