A Tribute to Mother-Part 1

This is part 1 of a 6 part series entitled, “A Tribute to Mother.”

I actually found this in a file entitled “Memories” I have no idea how long ago I wrote this. My mother died 7 years ago after a 10 year chapter of dementia. It took me 5 years to miss her, as her dying was actually a relief. Now, however, I have only precious memories. Celebrate her life with me!

M is for Miracles

I must have been three or four years old when Mom came running into the house from the barn. “Honey, get your coat and hurry-I want to show you a miracle.” I found my coat, she helped me tie my scarf and we hurried to the barn.

I could hardly believe what I saw next. Dad was standing behind a cow pulling on a rope that somehow went under the cow’s tail. Dad pulled hard and then I saw calves feet and legs sticking out from the cow. All of a sudden a baby calf slipped out and landed on a pile of straw. He straightened his wobbly legs, Dad rubbed slim from the calf’s face with a gunny sack and before I knew it the baby calf found the place to get milk!!

As a nurse I have seen many babies born but none without tearing up and thinking-this is a miracle.
M is for miracles…

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1 Response to A Tribute to Mother-Part 1

  1. Precious memories! We had one cow that could never birth on her own so she would lie down in the barn when she was ready and my dad would help her. My sisters and I watched in awe

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