Running to Jesus

I’ve met a friend that is so “radiant” with the Presence of God that I’ve asked her to take me with her into a deeper relationship with Him.

Her answer was, “I don’t know very much. All I know is to run to Jesus”.

That picture has directed my heart to Isaiah 30:15 that says: return to me, rest in me, embrace quietness and confident trust.

What does returning to God (running to Jesus) look like with faith through aging eyes?

Today I am praying this prayer:

“Oh, Papa God,

Those little feet that ran barefoot on the farm and laughed when they landed in a cow pie were mine running to you.

Those teenage feet that fell in love with you and wanted to die for you on a mission field were mine running to you.

Those young adult feet that decided to cut their own path were mine running from you.

Those bruised and blistered feet that made a U Turn of repentance (a decade later) were mine stumbling back to you.

Most of my adult life, I have walked circumspectly in your general direction. But, I have processed my steps through the grid of my own head. I have moved toward you but seldom have I ran.

Now, I want to run. I don’t care if I stumble. I don’t care how I look. I want to go barefoot again and run to you.

And, Papa, when my physical feet can only shuffle and my steps be only slow I want you to hear the feet of my heart racing towards you.

Then, I will fall in your arms and be home.

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1 Response to Running to Jesus

  1. Laurel Matchie says:

    This was so totally lovely. thank you – I will share with others

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