A Model for Prayer

My seven year old granddaughter, (who calls me Besta which is the Norwegian word for Grandma) said, “Besta, the Bible you gave me doesn’t work in Sunday School”

I asked her to explain. She said that the Bible I had given her was stories and in Sunday school they asked for Chapter and Verse.

Delighted that she was taking such an interest in the Bible, I told her she could go to the church bookstore and find a Bible that would work in Sunday School. I said that she should pick it out, with her mother’s help, and I would pay for it.

Today I got this text “ Dear Besta, Today I got my Bible. Today is 4/18/14 and I like it because I love Bible’s like you. I love you Please pay me back, Love _(name).

I smiled as I read this text and then I recognized it as a teaching tool for prayer.

Address the One Who made the promise

Remind the Promise Maker of today’s date.

Remind the Promise Maker that you have done what He asked
you to do.

Tell the promise keeper you love Him,

Cash in on the promise.

Choose a promise and claim the benefit of a Resurrected Promise Keeper.

Example: “Lord God, You have promised that you will never leave me. Today is a day that I desperately need to be aware of Your Presence. I have released my cares to you, as you instructed me to do. I love you. So now, please show up in my life in a way that I can recognize. Amen.

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