This Child Must Live Here

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a fellowship group at the home of a friend. As the gathering developed, it became apparent to the friend who had invited me that his home was too small. He emailed me the address of where the event would be held.

On the evening of the event I punched the address into my GPS and started following the directions. As I pulled near I noticed many cars parked around this destination home. I walked toward the house realizing I did not know who lived there and I didn’t know the other guests.

I took a seat and watched with interest, finding myself amused and expectant as to how this event would develop.

There were three little dogs running around inside the home. Most of us kept a cautious distance from these animals but one little girl jumped into the midst of them and started playing with them.

I reasoned, “This child must live here.”

I wonder what behaviors people pick up when they watch those of us who say that we are children of our heavenly Father; joint heirs with King Jesus.

Do they see us “at home” in the Presence of God? Do they see us relaxed as we talk about our Provider? Do they see us honoring our Father by working and playing well with each other?

Do they see us keeping a cautious distance from risk or do they see us free to enter in because we know who and where we are?

Is there any evidence in our life that would even give an angel a clue that we are citizens of heaven?

That this child must live here.

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