The Healing Power of Love

Yesterday I was sent a visitor from God. She has a name by which people call her, but I recognized her and today remember her as love. She was not in a hurry, even though I know she has much to do. She attended to my story. She felt my pain. Her gift of presence left me with strength.

She did not diminish my struggle with easy answers. She respected my understanding of what I sense I am hearing from God.

She affirmed my value without flattery.

Where there was opportunity to focus on my weakness and brokenness she stayed quiet.

Where there was opportunity to focus on my healing she spoke of it.

I got up earlier this morning for time with Jesus, eager to encounter Him.

My hunger for Him is intensified today because yesterday I was visited by love.

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1 Response to The Healing Power of Love

  1. It is a rare and wonderful thing when you encounter a virtue in human form. Beautiful.

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