Papa Doesn’t Have Spell Check

The following story came by email today. It is the first one I have ever seen written by my precious first grade granddaughter. I read it with delight and pride.

“The Qwen and the Prinsess,

Wans thar was a Qwen and a prinsess. The prinsess crown brok a week lader she askt for a new crwen.

Hunnneyyy can’t you wate till tmorow but mom tmorow I have to war a crown to school OOOK.

The prinsses yelled yyyyyaaaaaa. So they went to the stra and bart her a new crown. IT IS SO PRITEY !!!

This is the response I sent:

This is the most precious story. Why, when I am so thrilled with this, do I worry that my heavenly Father will be upset if I spell my prayers wrong? Besta

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1 Response to Papa Doesn’t Have Spell Check

  1. jody kanters says:

    It’s the difference between being criticized and being adored. I think we’re learning to live in the great reality of the latter.

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