In His Grip

Try to imagine yourself feeling as someone who could easily lose his or her balance. Now, in this weakened condition, imagine you need to walk on an uneven path that has loose slippery stones. A strong young friend comes along and offers to walk alongside. Do you want to stabilize yourself by holding on to this welcome companion or do you want to let him get a grip on you?

Wisdom would welcome letting your friend hold you. That way, if/when you fall, he can catch you.

I love the scriptures that remind me that God holds me with His right hand. I want to hold onto him, too, but I don’t trust the strength of my grip. Tonight, I want to rest in the picture of Him holding me with His victorious right hand, (Isaiah 41:10)

It doesn’t matter if the journey is long or steep.

I am in His grip.

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2 Responses to In His Grip

  1. jody kanters says:

    Oh yes. Resting and abiding can be some of the hardest work we do. I am SO grateful that I can depend on His grip.

    Thanks for the reminder. Not just that it’s His grip that counts, but that He delights in holding us.

    “For the Joy set before Him, He endured the cross”.

    Could it be that His joy involves our delight in being held?

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