Faith through Aging Eyes

As a relatively “young” person assigned to ministry with Senior Adults, I deliberately chose to use the word “we” when addressing “our” group. Over the years, awareness gradually dawned: aging people look old to other people but they don’t feel old themselves. But wait, could this mean that I have drifted into this dreaded category known as a Senior? My birth date would say, “yes,” but…do I need a geriatric doctor? Do I apply for Senior discounts?

At the same time as I battled this reality, I recognized, in my peers, a spiritual vitality that did not diminish with the decline of physical strength and mental acuity.

It was when my mother, in the later years of dementia, was unable to recognize time or place but able to teach on the resurrection of Jesus that I was impacted by a profound truth. Our Spirits do not get old or sick. His Power is made perfect in weakness (even if the weakness is due to aging.)

A sense of excitement began to override my resistance to aging. From a spiritual perspective, my strongest days are ahead of me. Now, at 71, my adventure with God is just beginning. So this blog, Faith through Aging Eyes, is watching God be God through the lenses of living in a body with more history than future.

I welcome you to join me on this journey, sign up for this site, bless me with your comments and celebrate the precious gift of faith through aging eyes.

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1 Response to Faith through Aging Eyes

  1. jody kanters says:

    Well, the eyes may be aging, but the spirit man in me is rejoicing, big time! This is exciting! I love watching to see what he’ll do. I’m with you, Rosalyn. This is what it’s all about!

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