Silver Lining of Brutal Winter

I paid close attention as I heard unexpected words from my friend, “This has been a wonderful winter.” Those of you who live in southern Wisconsin will understand why I was so taken aback by this comment. I, myself, have been heard to say, “This is the first time in my entire life that relocating to a warmer climate has some appeal.”

I like seasons, usually. It is just that this winter is so brutal and unrelenting. If it is not subzero temperatures, it is snowing with treacherous drifting and wind chills.

I listened carefully as my friend, who works with our State government, explained that these brutal conditions were solving problems that were beyond human solution. Among them were the survival of our elm trees as the borer larvae is frozen, toxic algae in our lakes are being reduced and our water levels are being stabilized.

Is God taking care of His creation by doing what needs to be done for it to flourish?

Does this create a metaphor for what may be a hidden agenda for the times when I feel like I am shivering in a cold wind that has no purpose?

Maybe I need a season of perceived “brutal conditions” in order for that which needs to be cleansed from my life to be overcome.

Can I trust, today, that what seems harsh to me is an act of grace for which someday I will be grateful?

I welcome your thoughts and stories.

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