Standing on the Promises

One of my favorite Bibles is at least 40 years old. It is an Amplified version that I have been able to have rebound. I have decided to use it for my regular reading/studying in 2014. It will be fun to compare what I thought worth underlining in 1974 (at age 30) with what I want to underline this year.

I know God’s promises have not changed.

Back in 1974 I claimed these promises. I wonder if, back then, I said Amen to the promises that were evident to me in my experience with God?

This year I will claim these promises again. Today I want to say Amen to them because I am confident in the One Who made them.

This will be full circle to my childhood faith where my trust was without borders. I am now waking up every morning to Oceans by Hillside United. Faith through aging eyes is familiar with “where feet may fail” and becoming familiar with “in oceans deep my faith will stand.” Stand with me on the Promises.

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