Can This Be Said of Me?

Can This Be Said of Me?

The Christmas story from Luke exposes the heart of many characters. Their responses help us understand what God values. This year I am pondering how I, an older person, measure up to Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

She knew who she was.

She was righteous in God’s eyes, careful to obey.

She was baron and very old.

She experienced supernatural encounters with God, including her
husband‘s losing his ability to speak, becoming pregnant,
praising God for His kindness from an environment of seclusion.

She was available to Mary as a channel through which the Holy
Spirit could strengthen and validate Mary’s confusing experience.

She blessed Mary, the younger woman, and focused on her story.

She restrained herself from rehearsing her own supernatural
experiences and let the attention go to the one who had come to
her for mentoring.

Can this be said of me?

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