This Really Happened

(Background from this event can be obtained by reading “The Diary of a Cat” posted September 11,2013. It will help you know more about me. My name is Takker and I am Roselyn’s cat.)

Roselyn has a good friend whose daughter is studying to be a veterinarian technician. I can sense that she is really into this line of work. Well, today she came to “practice” some things on me. They call it “practice” even when they have done it for years. Medical doctors for humans say “practice” too. I understand why.

The goal for today was to put me in about 35 positions so that they could draw blood or worse. This first picture is of me being restrained for a “jugular blood draw.” Luckily there was no blood involved, particularly since it would have been mine!
buritto takker
You can see by the expression on my face that I am trying to strike a serene pose. This beautiful student was not hurting me at all. It’s just that I wasn’t able to find any point to it.

This second picture is called scruffing. She later tipped me into what they called a lateral position. I could have just laid on my left side and accomplished the same thing.takker being scruffed

Actually the student and I were both nervous. She is taking her final exams tomorrow and I was afraid she was going to give me a bath. (Thankfully, the bath was not on the list. But, it is on the list for next semester. I have decided, though, that I am not going to worry about it now and spoil my Christmas.)

In the end, I decided to take the high road. I checked out for myself if we had done all the procedures that would be needed for the exam tomorrow. I did this by looking over the instruction manual and making sure we hadn’t missed anything.

takker looking at book

I am confident that my student will get a good grade. And, I think she thought working with me was fun.

Anyway, we left on a good note. becky and takker

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