It’s REAL Now

I have known for a few months that the wheels have been set in motion for me to administer my Aunt’s living trust. We have met with her attorney and I understand that my designated role is irrevocable. I have accepted this responsibility and am determined to execute with care.

I opened an account at my bank. The account was in my Aunt’s name with me as the trustee. The account has its own tax number. Her assets have been sold and a check for their value was sent in her name to me. With the power vested in me I deposited the check.

But today, it all became real. Today I received a pack of checks with her name as the owner and my name as the trustee. Today I can spend the money.

Today, this responsibility, that carries some weight because of all the legality, is beginning to feel like a joy. I am remembering all the fun times I had with my Aunt. I remember how she loved me as a child and always enjoyed doing something special with me when we were together.

I want to read her will carefully, check again with her attorney, and carry out the desire of her heart. I am delighted as I think of the joy that her beneficiaries will experience when they get the check from her that I sign.

The analogy is so obvious that it hardly needs to be mentioned. But, somehow, this experience of being a trustee is illuminating for me the risk God took when He trusted me with His Holy Spirit.

God trusts me to spend in His Name. I have the power to execute His will and watch as His beneficiaries are surprised with joy.It’s REAL now.

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