The Gift of Trust

It is amazingly empowering to be trusted.

Sometimes it is the gift of being trusted with news that is so sensitive it cannot be casually shared. To be and have a confidant is one of the deep joys of relationship.

Sometimes trust is releasing power to someone who can act on your behalf. As we age, it may be prudent to appoint a power of attorney. This person will be able to pay your bills, deposit your checks and make legal decisions.  We even need to choose who we would want to carry out our will regarding end of life medical decisions.  The ability to give up control is evidence of trust. We are blessed if we have someone to whom we can delegate these things with peace of mind.

It is also a blessing to be chosen for this role. I am currently learning what it means to be the trustee of my Aunt’s trust. There is an aspect to it that is consuming. There can be no carelessness. Discerning the detail of her will is for me to do and implement. It is irrevocable. The demands of the work are softened by the realization that she trusted me.

The most awesome trust relationship I experience is God trusting me to be the dwelling place of His Holy Spirit.

What really is God trusting me to do?

I know I am called to trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding; So, I don’t need to be able to explain it. I simply need to seek encounters with Him that will empower me to live a supernatural life. One in which someone looks at me and says, “Look at the way she loves. But, we know her as an ordinary person. She must have been with Jesus.”

God is trusting me to reflect His image in this world. I am trusting Him to do it through me.

It is amazingly empowering to be trusted.

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