The Freedom to be the Receiver of Grace

 Yesterday someone told me that aging brings with it a resistance to being a receiver. A fear of dependence surfaces the childish response, “I can do it myself.”  An offer to help a person in such a place is likely to be seen as an offense. 

Earlier in the week a lady called me and asked if I knew of anyone who wanted to earn $50. She said she needed a ride to the dentist and a taxi would cost $60. I told the lady I would look for a volunteer. She said she had a man who usually takes her but she felt she was asking him too often. On probing further I learned the volunteer driver had said he enjoyed taking her because he had nothing else to do. The answer to her need seemed evident to me. I said, “Ask this same man to take you. He needs something to do.” She laughed and agreed. 

I wonder if God finds me to be a reluctant receiver. Even reluctant to believe the riches that are mine in Christ. 

My last blog talked about the grace to be diminished. Maybe this one needs to balance that one by talking about the grace to be blessed. 

Let’s give someone the joy of being a blessing today. 

I have already decided that if someone wants to spend time with me, pray for me or offer help in some way I am going to say, “Yes, Thank you, that would be delightful.” 

I am even going to give that response to Holy Spirit.

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