I Have Done Enough

During the night I recognized that my body had gone as far as it could go. I needed rest. I struggled. I needed to finish. I rationalized: even God rested one day out of seven. I didn’t want to come home having failed. I didn’t want to wreck my body for a certificate.

I sacrificed a lot in High School to be valedictorian. Not one person, not even at a job interview, has ever asked me about it. I will relinquish the certificate.

This morning I calculated that I had walked 114 km of mountainous terrain and came up with 70 miles.

So, at 70 years of age I walked 70 miles in 5 days.

I have done enough.

Maybe that is more important to say than I have finished.

Jesus finished so I don’t have to.

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1 Response to I Have Done Enough

  1. Trish says:

    Ah, the power of ‘enough’. At ‘only’ 62 I daily become more aware of my body’s attempts to convince me I’m done with whatever endeavor I’m working on, well before my brain thinks I am. I’m convinced it’s worth the effort to keep trying, but slowly realizing the wisdom of accepting the declining limits of my strength. At age 50 I walked 60 miles in 3 days. Those last few miles, with my knee screaming, were painful. The whole walk would certainly be more of an effort today. Perhaps impossible. As my supportive friend frequently tells me now, “It’s okay, girl, you’ve done enough.” And so I pass that along to you. “It’s okay, girl, you’ve done enough.”

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

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