An Encounter with Presence

When we had about 8 miles to go today I couldn’t take another step. I was weak and the pain in my right knee was unbearable. I braced myself against the corner of a stone building, dragged my body around the corner and literally fell into the arms of a young man who seemed to be there waiting for me.

He asked me, in broken English, if I wanted him to help me. I showed him my knee. He said he was a physical therapist and could help me.

He found a place for me to sit and removed the brace I had purchased at the farmacie. He then started massaging the muscles of my lower leg and said some of the muscles needed “waking up.” He then provided a gel of Babarin, gelfries, and aloe vera. He showed me a more effective way to wear the brace.

Without this intervention I don’t know what I would have done.

This man would not accept any money. He said he did this to help people. When I tried again to pay him he pointed to a stand that was handing out tracts about Jesus and said that if I wanted to I could make a donation to them.

I walked away knowing that I had encountered God with skin.

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