Lessons from the Camino

Today is my third day walking. I am mostly walking alone, which is the recommended way.

Here are some thoughts that blessed me.

Watch the sheep. They peacefully graze in the green pastures. There is no evidence of concern. Use this picture to remind yourself that you have a Shepherd. Relax and enjoy the pasture He has prepared for you today.

Listen to the rooster crow. On the third crow I was reminded of Peter’s denial of Jesus. I sensed Jesus asking me if I had denied Him? He seemed to answer before I could. I felt like He said, “I know you haven’t denied my Divinity but have you denied my goodness?” I told Him I was sorry and asked Him to forgive me. I declared His goodness.

I am trying to drink enough water. I am reminded of the advice I was given to drink early and drink often. If you wait until you are thirsty it will be too late. You won’t be able to catch up.

Do any of these pictures have meaning for you?

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