Learning to walk

I am writing this having completed the second day of the Camino de Santiago.

I am walking with my 30 year old nephew whose energy and stamina prompt me to attach a disability sticker to my backpack.

Among my challenges:

The altitude makes breathing hard work before a step is taken.The path is a continuous climb followed by a steep decline. Both directions are covered with loose rocks and invitations for injury.

Among my blessings:

The landscape is breathtaking with mountains, fields of grazing cattle, thousand year old buildings, and evidence of hard working families.

Sunshine breaks through clouds giving a panoramic pastoral canvas.

The pilgrims from all over the world embrace each other as fellow travelers. On this walk you eat off a strangers plate as there are no strangers.

Each step stirs me to deepen my awareness of God.

So, I don’t feel capable of either completing this walk or interrupting it. Not pressing on would mean the loss of this encounter with God, His world, and His friends.

This lesson on how to walk was given to me by my nephew today when my energy was bleeding. It brought a smile and a commitment to finish.

How to walk:

Level ground: Put one foot in front of the other; Repeat

Steep incline: Just lift your foot. You won’t have to put it down.

Steep decline: Fall forward and catch yourself; over and over again.

Can you find any application to life?

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2 Responses to Learning to walk

  1. Mary says:

    Roselyn, I’m so glad to hear an update. I was hoping there’d be regular Facebook posts. But then I suppose that would defeat the purpose of a pilgrimage. Having just been hiking in the mountains I’m in awe that you can walk so far and long in the high altitude–your training should have been in Colorado instead of New Berlin! Praying and missing you….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Roselyn, I am following your path. As everything I know about you assures me you will make this adventure a success. All my lvoe, dear friend MA

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