Lay Your Head on Jesus’ Lap

For many years I have looked forward to my friend’s mother coming to visit from India. It has been her rhythm to visit her family here in the States for a few months each summer.

This mother has led a major mission outreach in her native India. Her evangelistic zeal traveled with her as she became the eyes and ears of Jesus to those of us who were blessed by her presence here.

Last year, just before she returned to India, I made an intentional appointment with her because I wanted her to pray for me. She did pray and then said, “Roselyn, you need to learn to lay your head on Jesus’ lap. And when you do, if you fall asleep that is OK.”

Last week it was my privilege to spend time with her on her last day here on earth. Her illness was unexpected and aggressive. She transitioned from a vibrant traveling ambassador for our Lord Jesus Christ to a fragile tent dweller without enough oxygen to speak.

And THEN, as those of us in the hospital room stood stunned, she laid her head on Jesus’ lap and fell asleep. This time she was escorted from her tent into the eternal dwelling that she had long recognized as her home, the very arms of Jesus. As we processed this, we recognized that she died the same way she had lived. She laid her head on Jesus’ lap and fell asleep.

Lord Jesus, may this be a pattern for us that we practice each day with such familiarity that death itself is simply the next step in our journey home.

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1 Response to Lay Your Head on Jesus’ Lap

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roselyn, Thank you for this. The words and influence of this woman continue on!

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