I’ve Waited All My Life for This

by Mary Ann Rice

There are special moments in every little child’s life. One of these is the adventure of losing that first tooth and the arrival of a new tooth to replace it.This is both trivial and momentous at the same time.

Last evening, my five year old grandson, who was spending the night with me, leaped to his feet proclaiming, “Grandma, my tooth is loose and I can wiggle it. If it comes out tonight, I can put it in a bottle and leave it under my pillow when I go to bed.”

I heard the excitement in his voice and joined in on the discussion of the final destiny for this tooth and the preparation for the arrival of the new tooth. His excitement grew as he threw his arms high into the air and leaped off the corner of his bed like a cheerleader celebrating winning a championship game.

“Yahoo! I’ve waited all my life for this!” he shouted and continued jumping and raising his arms in acknowledgement of this moment in time.

As I watched, I thought of how Jesus had expressed joy during his life on earth. Even when facing the cross we are told that for the joy set before him he endured knowing his fate was inevitable and his death would give us the promise of eternal life.

Father, help each of us accept the responsibility of living this life rejoicing with the faith and gusto of a small child.

“I’ve waited all my life for this.”

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