When Grandmother Prays

I know a grandmother who prayed believing. She always said, “When God answers our prayers.” She never said, “If God answers our prayers.” She would pray for years for one person. The prayer had the same faith and passion after many years as it did the first time it was prayed.

Her children knew they had been prayed for daily even starting before they were born. Her grandson inherited this blessing. This grandson grew up embracing his grandmother’s faith. As a boy of 5 he dumped his entire piggy bank into a basket for missions. When this boy was 10 he led his two best friends to faith in Jesus Christ. But then it seemed, to some observers, that college years shadowed this grandson’s faith. He would confess, when asked, but his life did not reflect the same passion.

Some worried.

His grandmother prayed.

But then, this grandmother died. The grandson was 24 years old. His attention was on his career. He didn’t have time to nurture his spiritual life.

A couple of years later he fell in love with a girl who did not acknowledge Jesus as God. She was from another country and embraced another faith. After a personal struggle this girl told the grandson their relationship couldn’t continue until she decided who God was. This news broke his heart.

But now, there is someone new in his life. This girl has reignited his faith. They attend church together. They have quiet times together. This girl believes God has sent her to this grandson.

I wish the grandmother could have lived to see her prayers answered.

But then, it really would not have mattered. I am sure she died believing that when God answered her prayers her grandson would be a trophy of God’s grace. Her faith did not need to see evidence.

Who are you praying for? Are your expectations based on when or on if God answers?

Is there someone praying for you?

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