Beauty in the Mess

A beautiful plant

A beautiful plant

Tomorrow my little Koi pond will be cleaned and serviced for the season.

Today the surface is covered with algae and floating scraps from last year’s bloom. When the sun is bright I can see images of my fish. I rejoice that all six have lived through the winter in the frigid water. I am sure now that it has been worth it to jab a hole through the ice and keep a pump running to give them oxygen.

But it would be a stretch to say that the pond is beautiful today. It must clearly be described as a mess that needs work. Yet, the yellow plant pictured above speaks of courage and character. It has decided to be a contrasting beauty in the otherwise forsaken environment.

I am ever amazed that God, who sees my need for daily clean up, still invites me to bear His image and be His fragrance. I am thankful for the beauty I am able to see in those who suffer and those who live lives in barren places.

Lord, give me the courage to bloom with boldness and lead my environment to beauty. The Workman is coming tomorrow!

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