God’s Stunning Strategy

I received a message today that there is danger coming our way. Scared, I jumped into conversation with God and asked my friends to fast. Together we asked Him for help.

My Prayer: “O, Lord, You have been the God of history and heaven. Your power is beyond compare. I remember that we are where we are today because of your hand on our lives. Because of our story with you we know what to do in the day of trouble. We have already decided that since we bear your name, you will be the first one we talk to when we are stressed. We know you will hear and respond. As the reality of how big this struggle is hits us, we know that we don’t have the power within us to stand. We don’t even know where to start, but our eyes are on you.”

As I stopped the talking part of my prayer and began to listen to God, He told us not to be afraid or discouraged because the battle is His and not ours. He told us to stand and watch as He protects us and walks with us.

We were so grateful to hear this that we stopped and worshipped. As we did, our faith grew. We broke into song, praising God for his holiness and thanking Him for His love.

We would never have thought that worship and praise would be an effective weapon against the kind of danger we were facing, but we are here to report that the battle is over, God has done more than we even dared or hoped and even those watching are talking about our God.

We can be at rest now.

The battle was won through worship. Yes, that is what I said, “The battle was won through worship.”

(The content for this post was borrowed from 2 Chronicles 20).

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2 Responses to God’s Stunning Strategy

  1. I wondered early in your blog if you would cite 2 Chronicles 20; the wording of your prayer echoed Jehoshaphat’s pleas as he concluded his prayer in that passage, a prayer that suggests that Jehoshaphat actually did what Israel’s kings were supposed to do before they assumed the throne: Read the law. Thank you.

  2. Roselyn says:

    Michael, Thank you for this comment. We, like the prophets of old, are at risk for doing the logical thing rather than listening to God. He still loves to reveal Himself in surprising ways. I wonder, too, if we really know the power of worship. Thanks for thinking about this with me. Roselyn

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