When Dying Is the “Next Step”

We live in a time where dying is complex. There are so many options and so many decisions. I remember, as a child, that when people’s bodies stopped working they died at home. It was an expectation for those who were old and sick. Today, we somehow feel we need to prevent it.

I wonder if we have forgotten that God has reserved for Himself the decision for life to begin and life to end. If we believe this, we are quick to say that we do not have the right to end the life of the unborn but we must also acknowledge that we do not have the right to deny death.

I was asked this week to help a family that was asked by their physician if they wanted to insert a feeding tube into a 96 year old lady who was no longer able to swallow. I responded to this question by saying that interfering with death is as wrong as interfering with life.

I say this with confidence because I know that if God is not ready to take this person home to heaven he will give her the ability to swallow. We do not have as much power in these stories as we fear.

This story is also a reminder that Jesus took care of our death but he left the dying to us. Dying is a grueling task that is only softened by the promise of eternal life.

Let us live by the power of the risen Christ and die with the peace of knowing that this is the next step of a preordained plan of amazing grace.

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