Being Attentive to our Posture

As I am preparing for a hike I am reminded that posture is important. As I go for my walk I try to remember to press my tummy toward my spine, let my shoulders relax and widen, and picture a suction cup on the top of my head pulling me taller.

I can do one of these things easily, but it is awkward to hold all of these positions at the same time. But I am working on improving my posture because I believe it will be of benefit when I am challenged on the long hike for which I am becoming prepared.

Is there also a posture that has benefit for spiritual empowerment? St. Augustine said that the proper posture for prayer was standing proud and erect, because we no longer have to grovel before God or fear God, if God is like Jesus.

I remember my first experience of hearing group prayer in an Asian context. When the leader of a seminar called for prayer the participants jumped to their feet and begin shouting together in a way that reminded me of what we do in our culture when our team scores a touchdown.

I know there are times to be quiet and on our knees before God.
But maybe I/we need to be reminded of the power that we have in prayer, the position we hold in Jesus and look the part.

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