I Want to Be Like That

We have three services on a Sunday morning. Those who attend generally choose the same hour each week. So much so that the services have a personality of their own.

This past weekend one of our senior ladies came in at the very end of the first hour. She got settled in her usual pew just as our senior pastor stood up to close in prayer.

This lady who had just arrived was directly in my line of vision. I watched as she realized what had happened and as she tried to control her laughter.  Her whole body was laughing out loud but she was trying to do it quietly in respect for the benediction.

I knew she had forgotten to spring back her alarm for daylight saving time.

She didn’t know she was teaching me to laugh at myself. To burst into laughter at what could have been a reason for embarrassment confirmed that she takes God very seriously but she does not take herself very seriously.

Is this a blueprint for finishing well?

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