Bent but Not Broken!

Our back yard has attracted my attention these past days by a big branch that has lowered itself from its usual inconspicuous spot and curved down with its tip actually resting in the snow. Today I don’t see it at all. I wondered what had happened. I knew no one had cut it down. Then I realized that the weight of the snow and ice had weighed it down causing it to form an arch extending several feet into the yard.

I wonder why that branch was not able to support the weight of the snow when all the other branches could. How is it that it is now in its usual place? Of course, the temperature is warmer and the sun in shining.

This is particularly interesting to me, as I have set the morning aside to seek God’s help in releasing grief and emotional burden to Him. How can I learn from the restored branch?

  • Is there something in me that takes on more weight than I can support?
  • Do I cling to it too long before releasing it to Jesus?
  • Do I welcome angel wings to come and brush the burden away?
  • Do I trust the God of consuming fire to melt my grief without destroying me?
  • Will I invite the breath of the Holy Spirit to set me free?
  • Do I trust that I am secure in the trunk of the tree and, therefore, will be restored?

Yes, because I am only bent, not broken!

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