What Happened to Real News?

What happened to real news? I mean when you turned on the news you heard about what had happened in your neighborhood, your state, your nation and your world. You just heard it one time and then, if you were so inclined, you could discuss it with people who shared an interest.

Today our “news” men and women talk about the same thing for weeks. And then, when they take a break, there is a panel that comments on the exhausted subject presuming the listener cares what they think about it.

Who chooses the topics that will be talked about incessantly?

What is wrong when you can predict what a commentator will say based simply on his political affiliation? Why not just print out possible responses and choose what you want to hear much like choosing a flavor of soda from a vending machine.

Oh, but, I must admit there was an interesting bit of news this morning. A research study was done that studied longevity.  They reported conditions that would help predict how long a person is expected to live. The first finding was that the group that has the highest risk of dying in the next ten years is eighty-five years old now.

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