Remembering God’s Story

I had the privilege today of being asked to tell the story of developing a ministry for senior adults. It was a joy to track God’s faithfulness and recount the things He taught me through those who have walked with Him for a long time.

I remembered that this might be the first time in the history of the church that large numbers of people more than 80 years old have both health and resources for ministry. If this is true, we are making footprints in unmarked sand. Are these footprints leading the next generations to Jesus?

I remembered that power is made perfect in weakness, even if the weakness is due to aging. Our spirit does not get old and sick. Because God has set eternity in our hearts chronological age does not limit our spiritual potential. In fact, the next decade can be the most effective one so far, for reflecting the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I remembered that the 90-year-old mother anguishes over her 65-year-old son in the same way as a 30 year old mother anguishes over her 5-year-old son. The heart of a parent beats on!

I remembered that a third grade student prayed, as this ministry was launched, that I would have fun with the grandma’s and grandpa’s. God has heard and answered this prayer.

I remembered that, in this culture, where we tend to check with other churches and together determine best practices that the best practice is still to ask God what He wants this ministry in this place to be at this time. This concept was labeled a prayeradigm!!!

What memories of working with senior adults surface for you?

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