Finding a Treasure

Remember the autograph books we passed around in grade school (now called elementary). One would expect to see little rhymes and affirmations of friendship.

This book, discovered by a friend of mine, was special in itself being dated 1884.

1 Ellis Dart's Autograph Book-Front Cover 2 Ellis Dart's Autograph Book-Title Page


The entry that brought deep joy to this friend was one written by a mother to the twelve year old, Ellis, who was her son.

This mother wrote:

Feb the 12, 1884

Ellis when all friends prove not true

Do not forget your mother loves you

When you turn to this page remember

You are twelve years of age

And as the time doth fly away

Your mother will pass forever away

But if you live and believe in grase

You can in heaven your mother embrace


18 Ellis Dart's Autograph Book-Helen F Dart Page 16

This would be precious for anyone to read and reflect upon but imagine knowing that the author of this is your great grandmother!

Imagine the joy of discovering that the grace you now embrace as your hope was also her hope!! We are encouraged to pass our faith along to the next generation. What comfort to learn that this faith has in some mysterious way been passed along to us.

We may think that we find grace but grace really finds us. And sometimes it can be traced through a ragged autograph book in the words of a mother.

I’m glad my friend shared this page with me.

What treasures are you discovering in boxes from your family’s attic?

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