by Shirlee Vandegrift

Another week gone by. Another week ahead. A chance to confess our sins and repent. A chance to appreciate the music. A chance to visit with each other. Thank You for all of the chances, past, present, and future. We search for ways to thank You for the most important chance of all: the chance to be a child of Yours.

Father, you gave Your son Jesus for us. A sacrifice beyond measure. He paid for our sin. You gave us the gift of belief in Him. Your plans are perfect.

At times our words and thoughts are like stones sent skipping across the water, touching down in spots and sailing across spaces. They may not always make sense. We pray that You will make sense out of it all. All we want to do is live for You. Help us, please. Help us to kneel at the cross every morning and declare our faith and to be ready to tell those we meet the reason for the hope we have.

We pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus,


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