Don’t Sort Your Clean Laundry

This post could also be called “The Down Side of Personal Organization.”

When you take your personal laundry out of your clothes dryer it is better to stuff things randomly in any drawer with space than it is to have one drawer designated for one particular piece of clothing. If you need validation for this approach just go back and review your experience.

If you are running late and you need a clean pair of underwear it is possible, that if you only have one possible place to find it, you could find the drawer totally empty. In that case, you will have no alternatives.

If, on the other hand, you have placed two or three pair of underwear in three or four different drawers, you will always find the pair you need hidden behind an unlikely camouflage, like maybe a T-shirt.

This philosophy does not only apply to laundry. It has equal validity with filing papers such as credit card bills and insurance premiums.

If you need to find the paper again, it is best to leave it in a random pile on your desk or scattered with other important papers in a way that may look like a desktop collage. If you file it away, you will never find it.

In fact, the only difference between a filing system and a shredder is that the shredder makes noise. I hope this post will bring peace to those of you who are failing in your efforts to organize your life.

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