Leaving Footprints

One of my most memorable learning experiences has been participating in a tracking seminar at a nature center. We looked closely at an area of earth and saw nothing until our instructor taught us what to look for. Then, to my amazement, I begin to observe signs that an animal had walked in this area, recognize the animal and even identify characteristics of the species. Now, when I go for a walk, I find myself looking for evidences of what else has walked on the same path.

One thing that happens at a memorial service is a time when family and friends bring reflections. Could we think of this as a type of tracking seminar? This past week we had a memorial service or, if you like, a tracking seminar for the ninety one year old man who prayed for the 5-day-old baby.  (See Silverstrands post “ A New Baby and An Old Man” Nov 12, 2012.) During my message of encouragement and hope, I invited the parents of this baby to come up and thank God that this man prayed for their child. He had left tracks.

What can be discovered from my “tracks” today?

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