What Child Is This?

I have been asked to bring a message at a Christmas Brunch for Senior Adults using the title, “What Child Is This?” The question could be answered with one word or expanded upon for hours. I will be expected to speak for 30 minutes.

As I think about what skeleton to use for this talk many ideas flood my mind. I could talk about the hymn written in 1865 by a 29 year old man bedridden with a serious illness. I could talk about the humble beginnings of God becoming man. I could dig up an old song I wrote myself, “Our God Broke into History in the Form of a Man.” I could make them sing my song. That would guarantee that I would not be invited to speak at this event again. I could go theological and declare that Jesus was born a King, or, I could somehow relate the talk to the Christmas gifts that those who attend are bringing for children.

I need to pray, “Father, I thank you for this invitation to speak. You know who will be coming and what they need to hear. You know how I am knit and how you need to speak to me in order for me to understand your thoughts. Please clear my head of any ideas that would clutter your message. I pray that you will write this talk through me and deliver it to the hearts of those who will be listening. May it be 30 minutes well spent as we speak on a topic of Holy Ground but wrap it in the joy known by children at Christmas. May laughter prepare the way for life giving truth. Thank you for my own senior friends who will be praying as I prepare and as I speak. I want this talk to be my gift to you, Lord Jesus, Amen.”

I would welcome your thoughts in the building of this message. I will be looking for your comments on this blog.

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