There Is More to the Story

Psalm 16 is a story of David placing his trust in God and being confident that God will protect him. David knows that he will eventually die but he is not afraid in this particular circumstance. Somehow God has assured him that he will be safe.

The story of Psalm 16 is told again in Acts 2. This time Peter is telling the story and this time the promises are applied to Jesus and his resurrection from the dead. A resurrection from the dead is a far more dramatic story than a person being temporarily protected from death. This is, indeed, an understatement!

NT Wright describes this double meaning story as, “the Divine Author intending more than the human author understands.” There is more to the story!

I wonder if this is also true of our personal stories. Are our stories an understatement too? Is there more to our story that God will one day reveal to someone else?

I believe that God is writing a story in and through your life that is far more than you can grasp. Someday we will celebrate our stories and stand amazed. Until then, we will trust the Author and let Him write.


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