How Do You Make Puppies?

It was Monday night and I was glad because my adopted grandchildren come over for a couple of hours. They are medicine for my soul. This night, however, they came tired so I looked for something to do that would let us relax. I found the DVD, Benji, and decided to try it. As we watched the story unfold I became captivated by it myself. Benji, a loveable stray dog, found himself a girlfriend, a little Shih Tzu, and they became more and more friendly. At one point they were eating together off the same slice of beef jerky.

Without giving any thought to what questions I might prompt I said out loud what I was thinking, “I wonder if they will make puppies?”

My precious 6 year old shot up from my lap and said, “Besta, how do you make puppies?’

I answered, “The same way Daddy’s and Mommy’s make babies.”

I don’t think this topic will come up again soon but if it does I hope it happens at home.

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