Face to Face

I combed my hair today before I tried to connect with my friend on FaceTime. This was important because FaceTime is a feature of an I- Pad that lets you see the person you are talking to. What’s more concerning to me is that it also let’s me see myself. It’s kind of like a living mirror.

I don’t think if someone had told me 60 years ago, when we had a party line and our phone number was 4F2211, I would have believed the advances that were coming. Our number, 4F2211, meant that when the wall phone rang 2 shorts and 2 longs someone was calling us. The phone was busy quite a lot because there were several combinations of rings on each line. There was also limited privacy as anyone could pick up at anytime. Our one neighbor had asthma so it was always easy to know when she was “listening in.” 

One ring would connect to the operator, a real person, who knew everything about everybody’s life and could be reached when there was an emergency or if we wanted to break into a conversation that was taking too long.

We did eventually get private lines. Then the phone number had an area code and seven numbers. We still had to be home to get the call, or call someone when we got home.

Answering machines came next. That way you could leave a message and the person could call you back.

Then came cell phones. These could ride in your pocket or purse. Anyone could call you at anytime if you had prepaid minutes left or a data plan. They could ring or buzz at your discretion.

Followed by smart phones. These keep your calendar, your emails, check the weather, get breaking news, and take pictures.

As if that isn’t enough, the FaceTime I-pad let’s you see who you are talking to. 

Does it work to trace this progression and apply it to intimacy in prayer?

Do we begin by learning corporate prayers that are somewhat rote and usually guarded?

Do we move to a more personal and private conversation with God but isolated to specific times?

Is the next phase one where prayer is an anytime all day conversation?

Am I wanting now to hear God’s voice and see His face, somehow like wanting to learn how to use FaceTime?

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