What Is a BLOG?

By Shirlee Vandegrift

My God, My Friend,

You are the Maker of all things in Creation.  We give you the praise and glory for all of them; or most of them.  We cannot hold back our admiration and adoration and appreciation, nor should we.

I come before you at this time with a heart full of feelings I want to share with you;  feelings of wonderment and awe.  As a mature adult I have seen so many changes in the world in the past 50 years that I would be challenged to name even a few of them.  But now I have been given the opportunity to contribute to a BLOG and my first question is, “What Is a BLOG”?

Silverstrands, a place on the network , is a BLOG, where the pastor of Senior Adults in our church writes articles, and asks others to write articles, about the activities pertaining to our work and Yours.  You don’t need this prayer.  You don’t need me to tell you what a BLOG is.  You don’t need me to explain to you what we need or expect from our BLOG.  You are all knowing.

But oh my God, we need you to be in charge Silverstrands.

We need Your Spirit to bring forth writers who have your words waiting to be printed in the Silverstrands BLOG.  I would say I have little to offer but I have been privileged to contribute my thoughts and prayers more than once.  It is not me that puts my words down on paper.  Your words, the ones You have stored in my mind and heart for just the right moment are released when You determine.  I thank you for your timing and thank you for what you have given to me for others.

I pray for the other writers you have prepared as BLOG contributors to be freed of any constraints, either personal or not personal, and to publish your words for the purpose of advancing your kingdom. After all, that is what we are about; advancing your kingdom.

How are we doing?

In the name of Jesus we pray.



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