Finding a New Rhythm

Life has a way of interrupting a familiar rhythm and demanding an accommodation to a new beat.

It happens with piano lessons, too. Just as you get comfortable with the assigned music there is a numerical sign that lets you know that the next measure will have a new rhythm.

In life it happens with a death, the loss of a job, the birth of a child, a broken relationship or the burning of a house.

I am finding myself seeking to adapt to a new rhythm. I didn’t choose this change but since it has happened I am looking for ways to hang it in the best possible light. I am asking myself what is important to do everyday, who do I want in my inner circle of relationships, would someone watching my life know what I value?

I’ve been reading Mark searching for the rhythm Jesus modeled. He deliberately sought solitude, time with His Father, time with His friends, responded with compassion to being interrupted by a sick person and set some boundaries for the consumption of crowds. He heard a beat that governed His life. May we listen to this beat and respond. Then, we too, can say it is finished when there is still much to do.

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